Sunday, September 13, 2015

Mr. X & Lady Gaga - Rayne Couture @ Inspiration

Lady Gaga is Rayne Couture's newest release that is an exclusive at the Inspiration Event that runs through September 20.  Mr. X confided in me that he is a long time fan of Lady GaGa because anyone that uses their own name in a hit song is pretty cool... and liberated. 
Let's face it - like many of us Lady Gaga could not live without her hair, makeup and is what makes her the performer she is along with a great set of pipes.  Rayne Couture's new release - Lady Gaga is inspired and artfully couture.
I love the puffball type long mesh skirt that comes in red, white and black and the matching jeweled top and headress of stars and studded is totally glamorous and the boys are sure to go "ga-ga" over you when you wear this ensemble out!
Inspiration Event lasts through Sept. 20
Dress and Jewelry - *NEW* - Lady Gaga - Rayne Couture

Skin - October 4Seasons *New* Mocha Alisha
Lashes - October 4Seasons - undaunted mesh lashes

Hair - Emo-tions - Envy - browns

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