Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Mr. X and the Spider Empress - Zed Sensations

The Spider Queen weaves her web... enticing men... teasing them with her fancy lace and beautiful skin... drawing them in on silken cords --  she asks Mr. X if he wants to study the principles of lust... with her... and learn about all the wonderful entanglements that..... he cannot event begin to imagine... or can he...

I love this new sensational lace gown by Zed Sensations -- it is perfect for a sexy Halloween or Goth Queen.  The lace is in a web like pattern and is adorned with the most fabulous diamond studded spiders -- really  my darling did you expect any less?   I love the way the back piece swirls around me like spider wings that beckon those that dare to come into my web....

This gown comes loaded with every applier and is totally mesh body compatible -- it is also easily worn by avatars like me that don't have a mesh body (yet)  -- just hands and feet... the hat is so cool with the queen spider perched on top... biding her time....

Wearing * New* Zed Sensations - Spider Empress

Skin: October 4 Seasons - Zulay Marigold

Shoes: LaVian&CO - Davinia Heels  from FAD

Hair - Vanity  - Never Wanted U

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