Monday, September 7, 2015

Mr. X and Alisha Mocha - New Skin October 4 Seasons and Nany Glam Dreams

Mr. X brought me a beautiful gown by Glam Dreams called Nany that is an exclusive at Sneak Peek.  Mr. X loves the power of the lines of this gown and it's simplicity and so do I.
Vertical lines equate to height, stability and power.  Up and down. Head to toe.  That ladies, is where you want them looking! You know this, of course and obviously so does the designer of Glam.
I love the fact that this dress is embellished with a sexy gauze like netting over the sexy V neckline and is sprinkled with glittering diamond and onyx flowers.  I also love this new skin by October 4 Seasons called Alisha Mocha.  It is a must have.
Alisha Mocha is gorgeous in a smoky sensual way - it reminds me of one of those exotic evenings that you never want to end. Alisha Latte comes with 7 brilliant make-up options, fabulous eyebrows and rich dynamic lips and matching eyeshadow combinations.  I love make up option #3.
Alisha Mocha also comes with natural lips and eye make-up with brown, eggplant, dark red, black and brown brows.  There is a cleavage tattoo and this skin comes loaded with appliers.  Below I am wearing the natural version of this delicious skin with eggplant eyebrows.... Mr. X says one word...YUM!

Sneak Peek Exclusive
*NEW* - Glam Dreams - Nany
Glam Dreams Main Store
Sneak Peek

Skin - *NEW* Alisha Mocha - October 4 Season Skins
Lashes - Undaunted Mesh with color changing hud - October 4 Season Skins (they are really easy to fit and have great options)
Hair - Vanity - Flirt

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