Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Mr. X - Back to School @ Sneak Peek Luxe Paris Exclusive

Mr. X and I talked about the end of summer ritual of getting ready to go back to school... there is always a sense of excitement in the air with the anticipation of what academic challenges lie ahead.
School Girl at Sneak Peek Luxe Paris

We wandered around Sneak Peek and found the cutest jumper created by Luxe Paris called Marie Jeanne Jumper with it's cute pockets, scoop neckline and argyle pattern in turquoise and mauve. The argyle pattern is derived from the tartan of Clan Campbell of Argyle Scotland.
Marie Jeanne Jumper at Sneak Peek - Luxe Paris

Another jumper by Luxe Paris offered at Sneak Peak is called Metric with a bold abstract print perfectly accented in grey.

Metric at Sneak Peek - Luxe Paris
The final jumper offered by Luxe Paris at Sneak Peak is  Paris School Girl in  a soft yellow and grey argyle with it's traditional pattern made of diamonds or lozenges that add a sense of three-dimensionality, movement and texture.

Wearing Luxe Paris Exclusives at Sneak Peek
Dress: Marie Jeanne Jumper, Metric and School Girl
Sneak Peek LM

Shoes - *New* Ghee - Natura Sandals with Metric with color changing Hud

Skin - *New* October 4 Season Skins - Alisha Pearl with six gorgeous make-ups and natural look. Make-up #5.

Sim- Devil's Island - Frankx Lefavre  - all are welcome to shoot and visit

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