Saturday, December 20, 2014

Mr. X -- Frozen... and Sascha's New Gown

The Ice Queen never dreams of spring as she glides through her ice village... with the ease of an angel...dressed in a silken gown with an opulent fur trimmed cloak by Sascha's Designs called Neige it comes with a 50% mesh gown, cape, gloves and  tiara.

What the Ice Queen does dream of is how to keep Mr. X in her frozen kingdom... perhaps she can lure him with ice crystals that shimmer like diamonds and are colder than her heart.

The Ice Queen thinks, the December snow... Mr. X arrived in my kingdom.  He must not melt can be like December always.  It is the way in this winter world where the sun is bright and songs.... are heard.  The spell has been cast...

Gown, Cloak and Hair Piece  - Sascha's Designs - Neige - White

Skin  - October 4 Seasons - Angelina Milk
 and soulful eye shadow - silver

Hair - Vanity - Where the boys are - silver

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