Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Fab Four Exclusives by Lybra Rage at Fiera Spring Fair....

Vanilla is sometimes used metaphorically for "blandness" in a cultural sense.  But, the spice vanilla is far from has a rich history and flavor...Mr. X & I love vanilla -- the color and the the spice.
This morning,  Mr. X left me the most delicious gown called Beauty by Lybra in rich vanilla tones. Beauty, appropriately named is elegant and sleek with a corset styled bodice that is alluring as vanilla ice cream!
Beauty's fitted lines show off every curve and the bottom of this dress billows out in the mermaid style.  If you want to look simply elegant, Beauty is for you.

What can I say about Lybra's dress called Malificent...except that it is magnificent and makes me want to "take flight".
Elaborate feathers that are all the rage on RL runways form a graceful frame for this sexy gown that is perfectly textured in midnight silk velvet.
The plunging neckline is provocative a very good way...just ask Mr. X...and is irresistable for eyes that "wander."   Get this exclusively at Fiera Spring Fair through March 31... you won't regret it!

Another gem...Ghost is a white tiger inspired gown with striking black and white overlapping asymmetric stripes accented with red silk.
Flatteringly, femininely form fitting Ghost's graceful hemline wafts on the spring breeze...and you can be sure every eye in the room will be on you!
The  dash of red silk on the sleek bodice and the gorgeous ruffled red silk gloves... complete this look with  contrasting elegance that never goes out of style.
Tigress located in Tiger Alley is Lybra's newest release. Drawn to the unusual?  Touches of design eccentricity set this gown apart with its' amazing black and white asymmetric tiger inspired
stripes that will make the men go wild!

The print is perfectly accented with a wide black satin belt at the waist that shows off all your curves.  This sleek gown flairs at the bottom in the finest netting and chiffon and is embellished with grey ribbons that rustle in the breeze.... you will feel like an enchantress concealed in stripes and satin.

Outfit # 1 Wearing: Lybra - Beauty (white garden)
Outfit #2 Wearing: Lybra - Malificent (white garden)
Outfit #3 Wearing: Lybra - Ghost
Outfit #4 Wearing: Lybra - Tigress (Tiger Alley)
Poses: By PosESioN-  Elena - Special at Fiera Spring Fair

Main Fair LM for Giveaway Board and Navigation

Wearing: Morphine Skin: Saphire Medium Skin Tone

Join our Giveaway and  win a Huge Prize: --
The Fair Sponsor´s Exclusive Releases!  One lucky Winner will have the chance of winning a box with the exclusive releases from our sponsors:  Sys, Gizza, Gabriel, Dead Dollz, HMEAM, Azul, LPD, Elysium, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Pure Poison, Lybra

To participate:
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Winner will be announced on 31 March.
Explore three Sims that provide an  immersive Shopping Experience:


Sponsored by:  Sys, Sonatta Morales, Zibska, Gabriel
Built By: : soraya Vaher (Violator)

Sponsored by:  Gizza, HMEAM, LPD, Lybra
Built By:: Mila Tatham (Solidea Folies)
Sponsored by: Dead Dollz, Elysium, Azul, Pure Poison
Built By:  Aliza Karu (AD Creations)

TIGER ALLEY : White Tiger Themed Market

CW  Celestina Wedding, IceWater, ROMANCE COUTURE, Artizana Ethnic Couture, Chocolat, AVALE, DEESSES SKINS, ! -slouch- poses, Ghee, Delirium Style, Xen’s Hats, Boudoir.

BSD, Living Imagination, Poseison Pose, Wicca’s Wardrobe, Silken Moon, Natzuka, Poseway, MUA, BAOBA, White Widow, StyLux, Tissu PiCHi, Blackliquid, Desir, Sascha’s Designs, Nailed It, Orsini Red, N1CO, Loovus Dzevavor, Countdown, Amarelo Manga, Dystorted, Swallow, BLacklace, A Gata Moura, Afi, Lyrical Bizarre and Finesmith.

EVENTS Calendar

Sunday March 31st
FIERA/Blooming Spring Fair 2014 Closing Party & GiveAway Winner Announcement

Mila Tatham/Soraya Vaher/Aliza Karu







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