Sunday, December 27, 2015

Mr. X -Undeniable Charm - *New* Sonatta Morales and Skin - October 4 Seasons - Guiselle Blossom

Mr. X and I have chemistry -- we know it and everyone that see's us together knows it... it is undeniable.  I have not seen Mr. X for a few days, all my fault -- and I miss him terribly... so I decided I wanted to look particularly glamorous when I saw him... and what better to wear than a new release by Sonatta Morales called Aztec.

I love the delicate blue of this 1930s gown that reminds me of a Nordic river that flows through a frozen wasteland under the light show of the far north known as the Northern Lights... this gown is as unforgettable as they are. I love the v neckline of this gown, the silver straps and the gathered flounce skirt that swishes and sways as I walk ensuring every eye will be watching nature intended.

I love the silver art deco styled details in this gown... the synergy is so obvious -- the silver embellishments go with this pale aqua silk gown like Scott and Zelda.  Or Mr. & Mrs. Smith.  The end result is a gorgeous gown that could produce a chemistry induced scandal...that is neither encouraged nor included but is, however, likely...especially when wearing Guiselle in Blossom by October 4 Seasons... it is  gorgeous!

As for the skin, it is one of my new favorites -- Guiselle in Blossom... perfect for blonds.  This skin comes with 5 make -ups with lips  in delicate pastel pink shades, to a deep vintage red to a trendy black lipstick.  The metallic eyeshadow that is coordinated with the lip colors is perfect... and the mole on the left side of the upper lip is entirely kissable.

  Guiselle comes with 5 different make-up options a 3 leg options, appliers for Maitreya, Slink, Omega and Belleza.  Guiselle comes in one of three skin packages, SL Skin and Mesh body appliers, Mesh head and mesh body appliers or mesh head only packages... plus it can be worn by classic avatars - like me as well! Guiselle is as realistic as it is sensual.  The blossom tone is perfect for blondes... now I have to wonder if they really do have more fun......


Gown - *New* - Sonatta Morales - Aztec

Skin - *New* - October 4 Season Skins - Guiselle Blossom

Hair - Vanity Hair

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