Thursday, December 17, 2015

Mr. X and the Peacock -TWA and new at The Instruments

I awoke this morning to a powder pink sky the light was softly distilled by the  golden rays of the sun... warm and comforting as Mr. X is... always.  I had a sense that today would be I decided to wear the new gown by TWA called Bird of Paradise that was left for me -- just before dawn by Mr. X.

I love this gown emblazoned from the front to the back of this gown with an artful bird of paradise. It suits these birds are known as symbols of integrity and beauty... it is also a symbol of nobility and watchfulness and as a sybaritic sentinel... I am both.  I love the fabulous stitching of the silk and gold threads used to create this magnificent bird of paradise it is really an amazing texture by TWA.  This gown also comes with in emerald that has an emerald skirt overlay on white and in night with a charcoal overlaying skirt... I am wearing the whit on white... as I  love the way it shows off this opulent design fit for an empress.

I wonder what Mr. X is dreaming about as his night is my day... perhaps he is dreaming of me... dreams too wonderful to dare aloud... dreams of his proud peacock strolling along... wading through the twilight... tip toeing through his dreams and fondest hopes... as gentle as a breeze... as sweet as the scent of jasmine... and spicy as only masala can be... this is what I hope .....

I have combined this gown with new eyelashes from Oceane called  Papercut Mesh they are an exclusive at the December round of the Instruments that starts December 18. These fanciful eyelashes come in all manner of whimsical shapes including Birds as worn that are a group gift, batik, butterflies, horses, leaf, mermaid, paisley, reindeer, roses, and sakura.  A color changing hud provides you with a rainbow of color choices making it easy to match these lashes with any color scheme style.


Gown - *New* - TWA - Bird of Paradise - Polar
Shoes - Muse - Princess Heels - White and Diamonds
Jewelry - Muse - Camilla - Silver and Pink Cats Eye

Eyelashes - exclusive at The Instruments - Oceane - Papercut - Birds

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl
Eyeshadow - October 4 Seasons - Delight Eyeshadow - Cotton Candy

Hair - both - no longer available

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