Sunday, March 2, 2014

Get Ready for Madri Gras... Must Have's - Violator and Club Caritas!

Mardi Gras... Fat Tuesday... and Carnival... it is the season to Party!  Heart Homes for Aphrodite Mega Store has the perfect items to spice up your Mardi Gras Fun! Thank you Lynxa & Prince for these two photos!
The Happy Mardi Gras Pose Set for example offers five couple poses from toasting the celebration to a kiss  as well as 12 single poses perfect for family and friends.  Working lamps and fireworks add to the fun...along with lots of champagne!
Speaking of parties... there is always loads of fun and mischief going on at Club Caritas, owned by KouWainohia Bergbahn with live DJ's that play a variety of eclectic music, a convivial crowd (they don't care what your avatar looks like...) and fun (and unusual) contests... this club is not to be missed. The club is open Tues.- Sunday, 2 p.m. - 12 a.m.SLT with events every two hours.
Another must is the Mardi Gras Party Set that comes with a table replete with shrimp & corn dogs platters, the cake of the king, cookies, flowers, animated candles and of course beer and champagne buckets that give out drinks.  A festive flower Arch  and banner adds to the fun and gives out free masks and drops confetti at a touch... this is just great fun!
As for what to wear... it is simple.... Carnival From Hell by Violator... need I say more?  This defines sumptuous... with luxurious red and black feathers.  The hair with feathers is part of this outfit adding the finishing touch to a outfit that will have people reserving their handbasket for you know where.....!!!!! Mr. X and I have ours reserved and ready to go!

Club Caritas - The club is open Tues.-Sun., 2 p.m. - 12 a.m. SL time with events every two hours

Heart Homes for Aphrodite Shop
Mardi Gras Pose Set

Wearing: Carnival From Hell- Violator

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