Saturday, March 1, 2014

Dress for Less - Colors of Spring & Styles By Danielle, NSP, Zuri and... Mr. X

Livia in Blue by Styles by Danielle is a light and breezy floral print shift that is elegant in its' simplicity and perfect for spring. This is the new March Group Gift by Styles by Danielle.  I have paired Livia with sandals by Delinda Abbot of Lindy Modern and Retro Shoes called  Lindy Sandye in Ochre that are an exclusive at MC Fashion Event Colors of Spring through March 12.
Another option from Styles By Danielle is Lorena White, an elegant gown with a deep slit up the side that is embellished with delightful bows. This dress is part of the MegaStuff Hunt that runs from March 1-31.  I have paired this gown with Flower Red Sandals created by Siria87 Galicia of  Siria's  Fashion Room and Design and are exclusive to MC Fashion Colors of Spring Fashion Event with items from 30 to 100 L. 
Sleek and chic, with a bold floral print, the Dark Tribal Bow Gown is an exclusive offer at Colors of Spring by DarkUnicorN resident of  *Uni-qu3 fashion. In soft earth tones of silver, black and tan, the long lines and sweeping hemline of this gown is all wrapped up in a big flowing bow in the back. I have paired this look with Zuri Rayna's Antique Full Set choker, earrings and diadem & bracelet in citrine and olive. Mr. X and I are ready to dance the night away... 
Mr. X has been in a casual mood lately... as spring is around the corner. Norena Soir of NSP Designs brings 15 years of RL floral experience to her designs in SL.  The flirty Josephine Halter Dress with luscious lily attachments is perfect for a spring time ramble through the daffodils... and Mr. X and I love to stroll hand in hand.   This dress is part of the Womenstuff Hunt and the cloche  hat with a retro 1920's feel  is is February's Group Gift that is still out in NSP's Main Store. 
 If you are feeling casually chic, try this cute mesh dress called Boho Country Dress created by Winter Gravois, owner of WinTeRwooD Designs that is an exclusive design at a promo price at the Colors of Spring Event organized by MC Fashion.  I love the pink plaid top with baby blue laces and the skirt of blue and white wildflowers that seem stirred by the breeze as they ripple down the front of this summertime  frock.
Lushish Catz Women's Clothing designed by Kayshia Aristocrat is offering a soft feminine sundress, called Lee for a mere 50L.  The sea green top is embellished with a beautifully embroidered deer and the lace like skirt flows alluringly. This is an exclusive deal not to  be missed at Colors of Spring now through March 12. I have matched this with the diamond tennis necklace from Zuri for a touch of elegance. 
A smoking hot item that is an Exclusive Gift  offered is by Lushish Catz Women's Clothing  is the LushishCatz Eternal Pink Dress... what more can I say.... Mr. X -- his jaw drops.... Wow what a treat! 

Mr. X loves hats... and NSP's Floral's hat, called Neo-Ploom  has detail galore with lace, flowers and feathers... it is chic and elegant... adding a dramatic flair to any outfit. If you want this hat, you can find it at the Rose Princess Hunt.  I have paired this hat with Zed Sensations new release (more on this soon) called Animal Instinct... and it is wildly good!
With so many lovely items to wear, I think I shall let Mr. X choose whatever his fancy is... from 
elegant chic to boho charm.... I know you will be tempted to try them all -- sometimes it is fun to dress for less... and make it work!

MC Fashions  Colors for Spring Lushishcatz, Winterwood Designs, Lindy Sandye,  *Uni-qu3 Fashion, Siria's  Fashion Room and Design and more LM for MC Fashion Store Event

Styles by Danielle Group Gift and hunt item

Note to Fashion Aficionados: Last Call for The Face of Danielle Monthly Contest L $5,000   
To enter monthly contest: 
1.     Join styles by Danielle inworld group
2.     Create two photos (one 1024x1024 full length shot of your avatar wearing Danielle’s casual clothes and one shot wearing Danielle formal gown). No names or logos on photos please!
3.     Acessories do not have to be Danielle
4.     Freebies and member gifts for current month not allowed.
5.     Entries accepted by the end of each month from 1st – 30th starting in November. The winner is announced the following month and will be wearing title for that month.
6.     If you have not won, you can apply again in a different outfit.
7.     Name your notecard Danielle Fashionista 2013/14 with your user name and drop notecard in dropbox at main store. 

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