Monday, March 3, 2014

Mr. X and the Lake Palace - a new releases by Zed Sensations

One evening Mr. X told me we would explore the fabled cities of Rajasthan.  Hand in hand we would venture into majestic forts and stroll through the busy bazaars looking for the finest red silk sari; just like the new Red Silk Sari created by Zed Sensations.
Mr. X told me of a fairy tale  palace that glows like an opal, deep in the heart of Rajasthan, in the azure waters of Lake Pichola. He promised to take me there...for a steaming cup of hot sweet chai. It is such a romantic spot... built as a pleasure palace for a prince.
I am dressed for the occasion in an opulent non mesh red silk sari created by Zed Sensations.  This beautiful sari comes with jewelry including a beautiful belly chain of pearls and rubies, a full body light, a universal azz appliers hud and a universal breast appliers hud making wearing this easy because everything is in one convenient place. 
The sari is beautifully embellished with a gorgeous dupatta traditionally draped over your shoulder made of the sheerest silk as well as a beautiful hair veil that flutters on the lake breeze. 
I am wearing new skin by October Bettencourt owner and creator of Kyle's 4Seasons Skin and Shapes  there is something for every season and every color palette imaginable.  It is a  fantastic find.  The 12  skin tones offered are sheer perfection in terms of tone and texture and there are lipsticks and eye make up organized by season and color groups making it easy to get it right!  
The skins are set up on a seasonal color basis that helps you put the right skin, eye shadow and lipstick with the right color clothes... it is not only clever it is helpful...and assures you there will be no calls to the fashion police for combining the wrong colors.

Wearing: Zed Sensations Beauty Red Sari

Skin: Kyxe's 4Seasons - Blossom Skin
Eyeshadow: Kyxe Devine - Sunset
Lipstick: Kyxe Glamour II - Valentine

Necklace, choker, earrings and bracelets - Mashooka Royal Rajput

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