Sunday, July 26, 2015

Mr. X and Volupta and Alisha... Fellini Couture & October 4 Seasons

The dusk -- Mr. X always sees her pacing as the sun sheds golden light illuminating her... She is often alone. He wonders who she is waiting for.
Today she is wearing the most elegant gown that is simply arresting, uncommon -- her favorite combination, Mr. X concludes. He imagines she runs her affairs effortlessly, takes people to places that are unmappable and talks passionately about ideas, not people. She is his kind of woman.
A  beautiful woman in a new release by Joy Fellini called Volupta this 100% fancy crepe georgette silk gown has a lush floral pattern punctuated by a flower embellished waistline and tulle ballerina skirt that sweeps and sways in the breeze... a sight that  is truly unforgettable.
The gown is perfectly balanced with  a floral sleeve on one shoulder and the headpiece that is reminiscent of a beautiful butterfly.  And, yes, she is elusive and alluring like a dream deep in the heart of  Mr. X.  She remains an amazing symbol of metamorphosis.

As for the skin, it is a new exclusive at MOR by October 4 Seasons called Alisha. This blossom skin is gorgeous and comes with four types of make-up plus a natural option, cleavage tattoos and slink, maitreya and Omega appliers.


Gown - Fellini Couture - *new* - Volupta
Skin - *new* October 4 Seasons @ MOR - Alisha

Eyelashes - *new* October 4 Seasons - Undaunted Mesh

Hair - Vanity - The Meadow - Blacks

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