Monday, July 27, 2015

High on Love - Heart Homes & Ever an' Angel @ Sneak Peek

And, why not high on love?  Mr. X and I were feeling like a couple of rambling gypsies.... so we decided to lounge away the hours in the new gypsy tent from Heart Homes that is an exclusive at Tres Chic.

This set is PG and offers wine and many other tasting options -- and song... there is nothing like being serenaded by a guitar..... did I tell you Mr. X has a wonderful voice even though he has a funny accent....

Whether you lie around, sit and eat or drink, dance or even snuggle, this gypsy tent is great fun and low in prims. Nothing is linked so you can set up the objects in the tent any way you like... or if you are low on prims, and this set is low in prims, you can always take a few things away.

I am wearing the new exclusive outfit from Sneak Peek that runs through August 5 called -Paint -Nautical Nostalgia - Siren by Ever an' Angel.  I love the rich purple color of this silk dress that is washed with an iridescent pattern like the waves of the ocean that is elegant and adds just the right touch of sparkle.

Best of all at Sneak Peek you can get this fashionable outfit before it hits the grid and be way ahead of the fashion curve!  Paint Nautical Nostalgia comes with an asymmetrical  crop top and long flowing skirt with a side tie that will get you noticed whereever you choose to wander on the grid....
As for me ---- and Mr. X... we are just toasting our SL Life together and all of our friends, the many talented builders and amazing designers of everything from clothes to the smallest items and, especially to the readers of this blog... cheers to all!

Dress: * New* - Sneak Peek - Paint-Nautical Nostalgia Siren by Ever an' Angel

Poses *New* - Sneak Peek - Andrea- KaTink

Sneak Peak LM

Tent - Aphrodite at Heart Home - Gypsy Tent Available at Tres chic - until August 3 then at Main store.

Tres Chic LM

Heart Homes LM

Skin: *New* - Zulay Papavar Makeup #3 - October 4 Seasons
Lashes: *New* - Undaunted Mesh - October 4 Seasons

Hair - *New* - Sassafras - Dark Browns - AD - Hair Fair

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