Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mr. X and the Moon Princess -New Release by Zed Sensations

I asked Mr. X to tell me a bedtime story.... An old bamboo cutter and his wife had lived a long, happy life together. Their only regret was that they had never been able to have a child. One day, the bamboo cutter finds a beautiful baby girl in the stump of a bamboo. He takes her home and he and his wife brings her up as their own daughter, naming her Kaguya-hime or the Shining Princess. 

The baby grows up to be a beautiful girl, so beautiful that lords and princes from across the land come to seek her hand. The bamboo cutter built a special house for her surrounded by a tall fence to protect her, but the men did not stop coming, trying to catch a glimpse of her beauty. They came with gifts and treasures for her, trying to win her heart. But she shows interest in none of them. 

The old couple tried to talk to her, to convince her to accept one of these fine young men, to no avail. One day, she tells them that she is not of this world, and the time has come for her to go back to her own people. The old man (her father) is very angry and hires an army to surround the house to prevent her from escaping. But on the appointed night, when the moon is full, a mysterious light appears that puts all the soldiers to sleep. A procession comes from the moon, and the princess slowly rises with them to the sky. 

This gorgeous gown by Zed Sensations called Lotus Geisha also comes with appliers for Eve and omega appliers plus a body light. I love the silk cranes and the lavish red and pink flowers on this gown. There are authentic Lotus Geisha shoes and socks sold separately that also come with Eve and TMP appliers.


Gown - *New* - Zed Senasations - Lotus Geisha
Shoes - * New* - Zed Sensations - Lotus Geta

Skin - October 4 Seasons Skins - Keiko Blossom - Black Drawn Brows Makeup #5
Lashes - *New*  October 4 Seasons - Undaunted (with color changing hud)

Hair - Tukinowaguma - Masae

Sparkie Harland - Image Photography Meshudio Version 2
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