Sunday, August 2, 2015

Mr. X...Into the Woods... Purplemoon @ The Instruments

Mr. X told me he fell into a deep enchanted sleep while wandering through a verdant glen sprinkled with wildflowers and ferns...she emerged as though she flowed from the mist filled waterfall.

Rubbing his eyes, Mr. X was convinced he was dreaming... she was awash in gold and green... bejeweled with flowers... like a May Queen... a Fae of the Earth... She said greetings weary one, I am Tatiana --- and I renew those lost in the forest with light and kindness...

Tatiana told Mr. X that she can only be seen in the enchanted moments between sleep and waking or in the light of a shooting star... Mr. X sighs and says... I need to see you more than that!

Mr. X had a million questions and desires... for this delicious fae dressed in a corset styled  dress with lace in all the right places in soft green that reminded him of a drop of spring dew.   Her wings and flower crown...left a scent that will be with him forever.  Seemingly, in an instant... Tatiana took flight.... leaving Mr. X with the sweet breeze of a silvery lilac and restful sleep....
Tonight in his dreams... Mr. X will walk hand in hand with Tatiana  amid flowers... there will be stolen moments and kisses in the cloister... and at days end.....quiet moments at sunset.... Mr. X will forever look for her in the heart of a pine scented forest on the night of the blue (or I should say, "purple") moon......

Wearing - Exclusive at the Intruments

Dress - Purplemoon - Tatiana in Earth (also comes in  4 more colors - pink, white, creme)

Wings - Purplemoon - Tatiana - color changing Hud

Shoes - Purplemoon - Tatiana in gold

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Rehana Pearl
Eyelashes - October 4 Seasons - Undaunted (color changing hud)

Hair - Argrace - Sae

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