Saturday, July 11, 2015

Empress Salina & Mr. X - A trio of *new* TWA, Muse and October 4 Seasons

I told Princess Amethyst that insincerity will be her true misfortune... she tosses her hair and stomps out of the room.  Alone, I remember that I have not opened the doors to my courtyard since I have become Empress. In a dream,  I opened the doors...Mr. X was standing there offering me a white rose...his eyes were so gentle and kind... at last, I began to feel safe.

 Looking around -- I was surprised to see that red, pink and white flowers covered my entire courtyard. Their fragrance is strong  and spicy - a heady mixture of jasmine, roses and gardenias.  Yes, I thought, I will survive this intrigue.  Here I feel like a great and benevolent earth goddess in this gorgeous new silk gown by TWA called Majestica Salina in Garden and jewelry called Royale Perpetua set by Muse.  

The rich silk brocade of this soft azure colored gown with it's delicate raspberry pink floral pattern is a dream to wear... it is a vision of cool mountain streams and calm summer skies at dawn.  It  is elegant with flowers at each shoulder and at the waistline. I love the way the sheer raspberry silk billows from the arched decorative sleeves adding unforgettable allure to all that see me. 

To accompany Majestica Salina I am wearing the new jewelry set by Muse called Royale Perpetua. There is a matching necklace collection for each of the metals that have been created and all are stunning. Each metal has their own selection of gems and pearls. There are huds that go with this but you must purchase the necklace collection to get the hud. If you want a custom hud, you can have one created for 1,000L.  This set matches the Perpetua Crown.  As an added bonus, the Promo Price of this gorgeous jewelry set is $499 for the female set and $399 for the male set until August 1 when the price goes to $599 & $499.

 I am also wearing the new skin in the neutral tone by October 4 Seasons called Zulay in Marigold.  This gorgeous skin comes with 5 vibrant eye and lip make-up including the most gorgeous blue lips I have ever seen that I will be wearing in other blog posts. 

 Zulay comes with lots of options, all appliers and both black and brown eyebrows making this skin easy to wear with many different styles and hair color options. The skin tone of Zulay Marigold is rich and provocative with beautifully arched brows that beckon.

Gown * NEW* - TWA (The White Armoury) - Majestica Salina - Garden

Jewelry *NEW* - Muse - Royale Perpetua - Rainbow - earrings, necklaces, bracelets, bracelet brooch, bindi
Shoes: Muse - Princess Party Heels - Vintage Seafoam

Skin: *New* - Zulay Marigold - Natural - October 4 Season Skins
Eyeshadow *New* - Delight -Faded Denim

Hair - Emo-tions - Susannah - brown

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