Saturday, December 13, 2014

Mr. X and [Muse].... New Brand & the Scoop on Gothmas!

Mr. X and I admire people that continue to grow and expand their creativity in SL and Norena Soir the creative force behind NSP Florals is one of these people.
Norena has just created [Muse] for her new couture fashion projects for men and women. Her goal is to  create a series of modern and adventurous pieces, some of them will be unisex. She will also continue to create pieces and specialty items for her other brand, NSP Florals.
Take one of her latest floral creations for Gothmas that takes place from Dec. 15- Jan. 3.  The Gothmas Swagger Gown adornments in Amethyst comes with a headpiece, earrings, and gown attachments. I love the way this elegant floral piece rests on the front of your shoulder and cascades over the back of your does Mr. X...and he tells me these flowers smell divine!

Muse is working with The White Armoury for this Collection although I have paired it with Violator's Ancient Bloom in Black and October's 4Season Angelina Milk Skin, Limited Edition.


Jewelry - Muse - Amethyst Gothmas Swagger Gown Adornments 

Gown - Violator's Ancient Bloom in Black
And, for RL check out for Soraya's latest!

Skin -October's 4Season Angelina Milk Skin, Limited Edition

Hair - Vanity - Meadows - Black

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