Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Winter Silence -- Mr. X and the Ice Queen

Mr. X walked through the gates of her palace, a biting wind followed him through the landscape of velvet white.  She sits on a glittering crystal ice throne surrounded by her faithful white wolves.

The Ice queen, so beautiful to look at. Crystal blue eyes and white hair that shimmers with snowflakes in the setting sun. She glides through her ice world with the ease of a goddess. Effortlessly.  Like breathing.  Like a heartbeat in the dead of winter.

The Ice Queen wears a fabulous white gown of swirling flakes and ice... she is beguiling and beautiful... alluring as sugar icing.... Mr. X does not want to leave this frozen kingdom with moonbeams shining on fresh snow and ice.  They dance and spin snow dusted and regal.

Wearing - Boudoir Winter
Boudoir - Wearable Winter Throne
Skin - Morphine Skins

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