Monday, December 8, 2014

Moody Monday and Mr. X -- Holy Shirt, J&A Expo, Wicca's Wardrobe

It is raining instead of snowing...and this time of year, it should be snow...I want a white Christmas. I told Mr. X I was feeling playful today because I found the cutest new cropped sweater tops by Holy Shirt to sport around in !
These crop top sweaters come with several sayings..... and I promise, you will have a lot of fun with all of them... I did and I made Mr. X laugh in the process-- always a good thing!
The crop sweater top also comes in several fabulous colors like mint, pink, lemon, blue, lilac, white and charcoal... I paired the lemon with a fabulous find at J&A Expo by Tantalum called Akachi Necklace.  It reminds me of finely carved ebony and is accented with silver... it has a simple and contemporary shape making it easy to mix and match.

Being in New York, they like to wear black on black... as Soraya would say, "finer black".... So I paired the  charcoal holy  shirt sweater with  the Crow Skull Void Amulet, an exclusive find by ::Static:: at the J&A Expo.

As for shoes... sometimes they make the woman and in RL I have a pair similar to this gorgeous pair of heels, by Wicca Merlin called Dana Heels in  snow leopard. They are gorgeous and also come in zebra and giraffe textures. They are at the J&A Expo.

So Mr. X should we meet and  "prowl"  around a bit then  ...roll the dice?  I am ready are you.........

Oh, almost forgot, don't miss Holy Shirt's group gifts... they are festive and fun..... just like I am feeling now !!!

Holy Shirt Crop Tops -- Attitude and Colors and group gift!

Jewelry and Accessories Expo

Necklace - Tantalum - Akachi Necklace  (with Lemon Top)
Necklace ::Static:: - Crow Skull Void Amulet (Charcoal Top)
Shoes- Wicca's Wardrobe -Dana Heels - Snow Leopard

Skin- October 4 Seasons Liala Blossom

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