Monday, November 10, 2014

Daughter of light- Group Gift by October's 4Seasons & Violator

The weaving maiden was the daughter of the deity of light...she lived on the shore of the Milky Way, a bright river of heaven where she would wander looking for Mr. X.  She was as bright as the sun and wove glorious cloth of gold worn by all the gods and goddesses...
All day she sits at her loom and plied her shuttle, weaving gorgeous garments for the gods.Warp and woof, hour by hour, the golden colored cloth grew in piles at her feet.  As the golden sun sinks into the dark hills... it is time for her to dance in the cool moonlight as she waits for another sunrise... just as I wait for Mr. X to arrive...
Tonight I am feeling exotic in this gorgeous new group gift Skin by October's 4 Season Skins called Henna Marigold.  The elaborate henna decorations on the back, arms and chest are sensual and alluring like the smoke from the lamp of Aladdin.
The eye make- up and lips are perfect -- it is such a generous group gift, I wouldn't miss this if I were you!  To complement the skin, I could not resist wearing one of my all time favorites from Violator... called Midsummer Dream in Sun.... ah the romance of  this silken flowing dress beguiles.

Skin - October's 4 Seasons - O4S - Henna Marigold - Group Gift

Violator - A Midsummer Dream - Sun
Hair - Violator - Face of the Enemy
Jewelry - Chatelaine - Haute Jewelry - Black Gothic

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