Saturday, November 8, 2014

Mr. X and Willow - Holy Shirt at the Fashion Collective

One day Mr. X came upon a long hair maiden that emerged from the lavender dusk... she knelt at his side to pour him refresh him on his journey to visit the Silent Sister of Sorrow.  Her name was Willow and she was beautiful...
When Mr. X looked into her eyes, he forgot everything... she bewitched him.... but, bound by duty, he left in the blue mist of daybreak... the time when wakeful dreams emerge and slowly dissolve as the sun rises.
Was she real or just a wonderful dream to be induced and recalled in the darkest of nights...
Holy Shirt has created this this fanciful tunic dress and headpiece exclusively for the Fashion Collective's Wonderland event.  The tunic dress with its wide silk belt cinched at the waist is available in lilac, white, beige and blue.  The flowered headpiece is elegantly whimsical.... and creates a look that is pure magic.

HOLY SHIrT! Wonderland dress & crown – Blue, Lilac and white Version

Special Item for The Collective Event themed “Wonderland”

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