Monday, November 10, 2014

Brooklyn and Mr. X new release by Jumo

I put this gown on with a smirk for Mr. X.  I know what he will do.  He will pause, ever so slightly like one does before......
entering a danger zone of silk and satin, flowers, and his favorite perfume... that lingers --- calling him like the enticing borough of Brooklyn...Tonight I let him wait for me!
Arriving... in red a swirl of silk and feathers.... stunning...and elaborate a new release  that is featured at Be Fabulous Fashion and Modeling Consulting by Jumo...  called Brooklyn.

This dazzling gown  comes in black or cerise and is glorious as the romance found on the city streets of Brooklyn... you never know who or what you might run into...
Don't miss the matching shoes called Monticello, they are elegant sparkling spikes that will go with many outfits.  They come in blue, gold, and silver and are made for slink high feet.

Jumo - Brooklyn in Cerise - exclusive for Be Fabulous Fashion
Shoes - Jumo - Monticello in Gold

Jumo For: Be Fabulous Fashion and Modeling Consulting

Hair: Vanity Fair - the Meadow - dark blondes

Jewelry - Finesmith - Iris

Skin - Morphine - Lauren

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