Monday, April 23, 2018

Mr. X and Heidi New Jumo and Image Photography!

Jumo's new gown called Heidi makes me feel like a  spring fairy...a fay from fairyland to usher spring on earth...  with golden braids --- flowers and ferns all around me... I hope my beauty brings joy and mirth... Jumo has also made a combo called Spring that comes with a fab color changing hud... it is a must and make sure you combine it with her new eye makeup and collar called Spring for classic, letetuka and catwa heads.

When Mr. X holds me in his arms, I feel like a butterfly...  free and easy... I think the air smells of the perfume of spring flowers... and together we spoke simple soft words...  verdure words... green upon green life upon life...  flowers filled the hills and dale....

The Heidi gown with its sexy sheer insets and lovely lace by  Jumo made for maiterya, slink, tmp, and belleza -- and, best of all it has a large color changing hud.  And, don't forget the  NEW stole and eye makeup called Spring also by Jumo... it is perfect and the hud matches all the gown colors.

Mr. X told me I was the  queen of seasons, and every one  with me brings him so much happiness...  he told me after all these years, he is still cast under my spell... and I whispered  to him... and I am forever you dream... and in yours....  a willing love of your magical spell....


Gown - Jumo -Heidi

Eye makeup and Collar - Jumo - Spring eyeshadows and collar

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