Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Mr. X and Veinessa by Merivale @ Swank

It is near all hallows eve....there is a slight frost in the air and all manner of ghosts and goblins roam through the mist.  I hold Mr. X's hand as we make our way to the house.  All of a sudden we encounter the guardian of the house a macabre spector...he tells us we need a password to enter... I thought and then said.... Swank!  There are so many cool outfits to buy there like what I am wearing in this blog.

This is the new outfit by Merivale called Veinessa. I love the lace satin covered bodice replete with a sensual fringe hemline!  Plus there is jacket and gloves made of netting, not to mention the sexy boots and stockings... WOW... Veinessa smolders!  It is no wonder why this is an exclusive at Swank!

This outfit is I created from two main types of garments: *Rigged Mesh clothing -from templates with Merivale's  own  fabulous textures and then *Clothing Layers -with appliers for mesh bodies
And a combination of both.  It is just an amazing outfit to wear.  Oh... and did I mention it also comes with a silver bat mask... that makes it oh so scintillatingly spooktacular!

Swank Exclusive - Veinessa by Merivale
Skin - Guiselle - October 4 Seasons
Swank LM -

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