Sunday, June 12, 2016

Mr. X and MEOW --- * NEW* Sonatta Morales... "Cat"

This gown, is called *Cat* and is perfect for slinking is new by Sonatta Morales, one of my favorite designers on the grid... and, of course, Mr X adores her vintage designs and so do I ... most of all because her designs are not only elegant, they are timeless.

I love the sheer silk and all the exotic beading and sequins... I glitter and feel  glamorous... this is perhaps the most sensual gown with its shaped bodice and it's artful emphasis on legs,  hips, waist and bust.... it makes me feel so very very good...  and  Mr. X cannot wait to have me in his arms.....

I believe that this  is something Rita would have worn, Audrey and Liz too... and  before that...  the original actress and an ideal 1920s sensation Clara Bow  and Louise Brooks...All of them would have fallen in love with this amped up  sleek sequinned  gown that is perfect for Gatsby glam parties that only start at the stroke of 12 midnight! And,  I like large parties... they’re so intimate small parties there isn’t any privacy....  !


Dress - Sonatta Morales - *NEW* - Cat

Skin -  October 4 Season Skins - * New*  Catalina Blossom