Friday, July 17, 2015

Mr. X and the Agony and.....Wicca's Wardrobe @ The Instuments

 The truth is deeper... like the  indigo shade of the midnight sky... where the the planets intersect.... and yes, Mr X and I are star crossed lovers. It is simply as it should be... even though we bear the agony of times zone and distance. Speaking of agony, Wicca Merlin had created Agony, a  wildly creative dress that can be worn 3 different ways --- with leggings or with or without flexi prims that can be found exclusively at The Instruments in celebration of their anniversary.

Agony is a fresh take on the intersection where rocker glam and couture collide.   Worn as a short tunic shift dress you will discover your inner diva!  Wicca's spike Manion Heels for slink high feet  finish the look.
In an unexpected way Agony combines a futuristic vibe with classic lines.  The subtle geometric texture of this dress/tunic and leggings combined with the spikes that punctuate your shoulders and hemline is playful and daring in a  punk rock motorcycle cool way making it a must have.

As a gown, Agony is a poetic statement with a sonnet of special details -- the spikes, the billowing silk skirt and the celestially futuristic Kandira Headpiece is simply stunning.
The Kandira Headpiece comes with a color change HUD in silver, black, gold and bronze. The base plate will keep it's color, but you can change the spikes and gems to different textures via the HUD.

Wicca's Wardrobe -Exclusive @ The Instruments

Dress/Gown/Leggins -Wicca's Wardrobe * New* - Agony
Heels - Wicca's Wardrobe *New* - Manon Spiked Heels
Headpiece - Wicca's Wardrobe - *New* Kandria Headpiece
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Skin - October 4 Seasons - Angelina Milk
Nails - October 4 Seasons - Neutrals

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