Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Storm & Mr. X - Ghee @ The Instruments

Mr. X loves summer storms and bolts of lightening that light up the summer sky and, then there is thunder that  shakes his very being.... I asked him if he was talking about me... always diplomatic (coughs)  he said, " Sita - give me a break!"

I love summer storms --  I think they are romantic. The new exclusive gown created by Ghee is based on the goddess Mari and will create a tempest wherever you go.  Mr. X will not forget the storm Mari and I have dreamed up!

Ghee has created an unforgettable gown in honor of the powerful Goddess Mari for the First Anniversary Event for the Instruments through August 6.
Mari is the Mother Goddess of  Faerie lore and the primary deity that expressed life by changing the weather...and in this rendition, I think Mari likes storms!  Of course it goes without saying she is just and wise and that this gown is gorgeous and includes a rain splashing emitter encasing the gown in a storm and matching ribbon wraps for Slink high feet.
The Mari set  by ghee comes in 3  colors: Aquamarine, Amethyst and Hematite. What makes Mari exciting --- fun and different is that  each set includes a storm cloud with an artful array of particles  in addition, to lightening and a puddle  -- it can be attached for effect or just wear the gown for its' sheer beauty.

It is impossible to capture the beauty and unique options of this gown in still shots.... it needs to be worn in SL and  trust me it will be admired.  In the meantime, here is a utube video showcasing the highlights of this gown Here is the Mari Set in Action:

Wearing Instruments Anniversary Exclusives:
Instrument LM
Ghee - *new* Mari
Poses - *new* Nantra - Syzygy

Skin: October 4Seasons - Rehana Pearl (natural)
Eyeshadow: October 4Seasons - Everlasting -Mermaid
Eyelashes : October 4 Seasons - Enchanted Tipped

Nails - Portia - ghee

Jewelry - Royal Perpetua - Muse

Hair - Emo-tions - Sunburst - Blonde

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