Thursday, May 28, 2015

Mr. X and the Bad Girls ----Bri Underground Wear @ Sneak Peek

I told Mr. X that  I was invited to join a new club... the bad girls club!  Sometimes it is fun to dress like a bad girl and strut a persona of a charismatic tough chick... ok woman! 

The new  Sneak Peek Outfit by Bri Underground Wear called  Myrcella is simply out of this world.  With all this leather not to mention all these cool buckles  ---- it is hard not to be bad -- in fact it is so bad (in the best way of course) -- that  it is exceeds any expectation of  good !

 Myrcella comes loaded with boots,  arm and wrist bands,  thigh high mesh buckle boots for slink high feet, a sexy dragon tattoo, earrings, necklace, diadem and even  make - up -- very red kissable lips and  wanton eye make up.  Mr. X said..."wow what a package".... wonders if it is me or this fab outfit!

I told Mr. X that a "bad girl"  doesn't look for trouble -- but  (a lawyer once told me when you say the word "but" it means forget everything  I just told you)  there is definitely something dangerous about bad girls!

The bad girls snarky sense of humor, cunning personality, wit, brains and good looks (no -- I am not describing me at all!!!)  draws men in like moths to a flame! Giggles, just ask Mr. X. But then again, maybe this time, he won't kiss and tell... but he never will he is a true gentleman  with a saucy Sita  masala !!

Wearing Sneak Peek Exclusive
Bri Underground Wear-  Myrcella including lipstick, eyeshadow, tattoo and boots

Sneak Peek LM

Skin: Jewell Blossom and Marigold - October 4Season Skins 

Hair - Emo-tions - Shena

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