Friday, May 1, 2015

A little white wine and Mr. X - New Releases Sascha and October 4 Seasons

I met Mr. X in a tiny town called Fira that clings to a cliff on a circular archipelago called Santorini. She's a water-filled caldera really; a natural creation of arresting beauty and troubled youth; intoxicatingly dangerous -- last time she erupted -- she buried Atlantis.

We planned to meet at high noon at an opulent hotel -- Mr. X calls me his 5 diamond girl. And, I plan to look  stunning in a new dress, hat and bubble bead necklace ensemble by Sasha Designs called Dappy.  This dress comes in black, pink, white and red.

As we sipped white wine in the bright sunlight, I was really delighted I was wearing this extravagant hat that provided just enough shade to be alluring.  Mr. X took my hand and said.... Sita, we must journey to Salar de Uyuni...get ready for otherworldly.

The skin, Rehana Pearl Auburn - "Cinnamon" is now part of October 4 Season's regular Skin line.  It is perfect for redheads and has the best red eyebrows making it easy to mix and match hair styles in red tones... Mr. X, well let's say, he loves the spicy element of cinnamon!

Dress - Sascha Designs  *New* - Dappy in Pink and Black (also comes in red and white)

Skin- October 4 Seasons - *New* - Rehana Pearl Auburn

Hair - Wasabi Pills - Cinnamon (of course!)

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