Friday, May 1, 2015

Make Memories with Heart Homes new release

Aphrodite at Heart Homes has created one of the most versatile living room sets ever!  I can't wait to show Mr. X.  We love exploring all the options and scenes Heart Homes offers and this set is loaded... think 240 animations and scenes and less than 40 LI.

Family Memories is  named for a reason -- it is great for singles entertaining friends, couples for some sweet downtime together and even for kids and kids and parents. "My sweet family memories" complete living room set is the exclusive set for the Tres chic event; and whatever you like in SL you will create memories.

This set includes everything in the photo and some animations are new and custom made for this set... it even holds holds poses for 1-2 kids.  Plus there are 15 fun props from hot chocolate to spooky stories.  Best of all, the special sale price for the event L$ 2350.
The couch comes with a bed option -- how cool is that... all i have to say is watch the video to see all this set  does!!!

For me, I love all the details that Heart Homes thinks of. So Mr. X the hot chocolate is on the fire is burning....  I will be like Scheherazade and tell  you a bedtime story....

The Furniture:

Heart Homes - The Family Set Exclusive at Tres chic
Event LM -

Heart Homes LM:
Video Link

The Outfit: Sascha Designs - Meringue - Pink - Hud - four colors

Skin: October 4 Seasons - New Rehana - Marigold

Note About Kid Stuff:
Please notice that as advertised, despite this gym is compatible majority with all babies and kids in SL, this WONT change baby stats, or animate brands like zooby babies alone without the parents animations of course, you will be able of course yes, to rock the toys for your prim baby or listen the songs and sounds together,

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