Saturday, April 4, 2015

Sneak Peek - Mr. X and the devil!

It is true that Mr. X -- has dealings with the "devil" or so he says.... he lives on "devils island"...  it makes me wonder how all this came about... perhaps it was just fate... or could it be... he sent his minions to catch my attention?

Suffice it to say, he has my full attention--- so do the finds at Sneak Peek this month. I love uncovering new fashion finds like this  steel, silver and black finely textured mini called the Dominator Dress by AFI Designs... wow!

I love all the details in the Dominator Dress from the sexy corset top that will make jaws drop to the intricate details of the skirt's zippers as well as the zipper all the way down the back...oh la la!

I am wearing "October Powers" - the new group gift skin by October's 4 Seasons that is perfect with the Dominator mini because it really picks up the colors of the tattoo and blends with the texture of the dress.  A sparrow tattoo is for one that is bound by her own rules and is the mistress of her own destiny... are you?

Sneak Peek Exclusive - AFI - Dominator Dress

Skin- NEW - April Gift - October 4Seasons

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