Sunday, April 19, 2015

Mr. X and Cinthya - JUMO's new release

It is a game we always play. He pretends it is completely impossible to get ready on a moment's notice, to fly off for a reshoot that was the cameraman's fault. She pretends to agree.  She gets to the shoot pretending to look beautiful.  He pretends to look surprised that she is beautiful. She pretends that she is surprised that he is surprised.

It is not hard to be beautiful when wearing this sleek new cocktail dress called Cinthya by Jumo.  I  love the silk insets that have an art deco vibe that packs a high degree of glamour in the most flattering silhouette ever.

Cinthya comes in black, white, ruby, gold, teal and lavender.  It also comes with matching spike heels with delicate gold chains and a wonderful gold collar styled necklace and gold drop earrings.

Jumo *NEW* - Cinthya in Lavender
Skin- *New* - October 4Seasons - Rehana Pearl
Hair - Exile - Venus - Naturals

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