Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Dupioni Romance and Mr. X - Sascha Designs at FFC

Sascha is another wonderful designer participating in Fashion for Change (FFC) that runs through April 25.  This is a charity event to help Womenkind Worldwide whose mission is to help women in  developing countries.  Sascha's two exclusives at Fashion for Change are stunning and chic in silk.

The Meringue Aqua and Black ensemble comes with an aqua blouse and a black silk shirt as well as aqua and black slacks.  It is fun to mix and match or wear them as a solid colors. There is a delicate beaded texture that accents the slacks and blouse adding the right touch of sparkle.

Mr. X told me that... it happens when two silkworms decide (for reasons only known to the silkworm heart) to spin their cocoons together. From this silken union, comes this dupioni like texture Sasha has used to make this simple iconic shift dress in gold and blue called Sunset another exclusive at Fashion for Change.

Sunset has a crisp feel and the fascinating iridescent look of the finest dupioni silk.  It also comes with glasses that Jackie O would have worn; Mr. X likes that because she is an icon of chic.

It's deep ocean blue that fades into gold. Eyecatching. If you see Mr. X give him a message, "Absolutely darling, as soon as you'd like.  And, cantaloupe, too."

 Fashion for Change Exclusive - Sunset Dress and  Meringue Aqua and Black Pants and Blouse by Sasha Designs

Skin- *NEW* - Rehana Peal - October 4 Season Skins

Main Landing Point for Fashion for Change

Show and Entertainment Schedule
Sunday 19th April

Misses Show 10am

Performer 12noon Keeba Tammas
DJ 1pm tbc
Wed 22nd April

DJ: Mex (SL Radio) 1-3pm SLT
Saturday 25th April
11am Auction finale - neck cadaver presiding

2pm Final DJ Party - Walter Balazic
(with fireworks)

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