Saturday, April 18, 2015

Colors and Mr. X - !Lyrical B!zarre at Saviad

Everything conveys something. Colors reveal moods.  Yellow: Joy. Blue: Affectionate. Pink: Teasing.  !Lyrical B!zaare has created a garden of these delightful colors in two gorgeous dresses and one gown that are exclusive must haves at Saviad Spring Fashion Fair.

The flowing relaxed details of this dress in pink called Sanseveria II  reminds me of the colors of dawn, where the sun is starting to rise into the horizon and a new glorious day of hope ascends with it.  I love the unconstructed fit of this dress with its kimono-like fit and side seams that flair out on the early morning breeze.

The yellow version Sanseveria III has different details like the V neckline and pattern in the center of the dress.I love yellow and orange and they are hot on the runway.  Wearing this I think about the sun dipping into the horizon as I wait for Mr. X to arrive.  The lobster ceviche is ready but the cocktails will take some time...crushed ice, lemon, aperol, whistle pig rye, amaro and muddled blackberry and nectarine.  Does it get any better than that?

The final exclusive at Saviad is a formal gown called Sanseveria I that is unforgettable in a gorgeous shade of blue that remind me of Mr. X's eyes at high noon.  But, this gown is for a wonderful night with its touches of lavender and blue...perfect for a spring dream and dancing  under the stars in a gorgeous garden.

I have paired this look with the fabulous new skin by October 4 Seasons that comes with 5 make up versions, thin and thick brows, butterfly tattoos and options for freckles all over !  It is fresh and wonderful.

Saviad is Open today -   Get there ! 40 plus  couture  designers
Wearing the Saviad Exclusives from !Lyrical B!zzare Sanseveria I, Sanseveria II, Sanseveria III

Skin:  NEW - Rehana Pearl - October 4 Season Skins

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