Friday, April 10, 2015

Saviad Fashion Fair Now open - AD exclusive & Mr. X

Soft pastels remind me of the sweet kisses Mr. X gives me and the way his hair blows on my shoulders as we dance... like a soft wisp of enchantment.  Speaking of enchantment, I discovered AD's exclusive gown at Saviad called Oltre -- it reminds Mr. X and I of Spring bursting  like a flower out of the earth.

Saviad is open now thru April 18 get there ...  Look at Oltre-- it  has a filigreed  skirt with a most delicate pattern of lace and spider webs it is complicated and it flows and sways in the breeze. It is elegance in motion when I walk the grid.... Mr. X loves this.... so will you!

The belt of flowers around the waist is amazing --- very artfully  designed and evokes the way I feel sometimes as Mr. X takes my hand and leads me onto the dance floor... I feel loved and like walking art.   The headpiece is like a mysterious creature of the sea that is ever so beguiling.  I love the luxuriant tentacles that radiate from the headpiece and the way they flow on the breeze.

Oltre  comes in three fabulous pastel shades..... each with their own allure... and this gown is alluring...Mr. X cannot take his eyes off me -- telling me that love is in the springtime air indeed! Mr. X will you follow me up the stairs........ ?

Wearing a Savaid Exclusive -

AD Creations - Oltre
Saviad is Open today -   Get there ! 40 plus  couture  designers

Skin:  Angelina Milk - October 4 Season Skins

Shoes and Jewelry  - Muse - Seafoam and Diamonds  and Enchantment  Wisp necklace and earrings

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