Wednesday, April 8, 2015

ghee exclusive at Savaid Spring Fair

Mr. X told me that I should be adopting a "tropical" state of mind...after all spring is here and summer is on the way.  He left me a gift box from ghee with a note that said..."Sita, here is something to get you in the mood -- as this is ghee's latest in "Wisteria".  Ah, the romance of wisteria......and this fabulous new exclusive at Savaid by ghee

This shift has gorgeous wide horizontal stripes in variegated colors that make it an instant classic and must have for your summer look. It also comes with ruffled ankle high matching heels, really cool glasses and a pocketbook... to stow all your tropical treasures in!

When I think of tropics, being spoiled by Mr. X, I think of luxurious resorts and what better to wear than the new simple shift by ghee that comes in Peony, Wisteria and Hyacinth.

Think warm beaches, glistening and dancing under swaying palm trees to a rumba beat. This new dress by ghee will take you there.  It is an exclusive at the Saviad Spring Fair that takes place from April 10 - April 18 and showcases some of the top designers in SL.

Wearing ghee exclusive for Saviad

LM for ghee

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