Monday, March 16, 2015

Midnight Blue and Mr. X new release by Muse and EccentricXI

 Tonight I wait for the full moon on a midnight blue sky. It is  like the new dress by EccentricXI  called Melanie. And, btw, Mr. X how is your telescope?

Mr. X ... can you feel the current?  I hope so! I love this  dress with it's  subtle paisley pattern in midnight blue; the  ruffled top is -- perfect and not over the top; so to speak it is elegant and well done.

As for the jewelry,  it is Muse, a new release called Camilla. I  am showing  earrings and necklace in gold and labradorite only as this set also has a  lavish bodice flower garland jewel and  tiaria -  the set is amazing  will be shown again in a variety of colors in blogs to come.

Mr. X sometimes,  all I can say to you, and many here will understand, although a body is alone, a soul never is.
I blow you a kiss across time zones and continents  can you feel it?


Dress and Shoes - EccentricXI - Melanie

Jewelry- Muse - Camilla Gold and Labradorite

Skin- October 4 Seasons 

Hair - Vanity 

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  1. This looks absolutely perfect. All these tiny details are made with lot of background knowledge. I like it a lot.

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