Monday, March 30, 2015

Lost in the Garden of Love.... Sneak Peek and Lyrical Bizzare

SOS -- Mr. X -- I am lost in the garden of Love!  Wonders if it is like the garden of Eden -- but then again, I always promised never to kiss and tell....speaking of lost... I got lost shopping today at Sneak Peek... and found a fab new cocktail dress called Lorraine by !Lyrical B!zzare.

I love the way this fuchsia satin skirt cascades in rippling waves like the sunset deep in the tropics... a sunset that magically disappears into the ocean in unforgettable fireworks of oranges and pinks, lavenders and purples...much like... well you know, you know.

The top of this dress is a melange of colors that beckons to a languid night of sweet dreams... and sensuality -- as  you take my hand and we get lost together in the garden of love......and then....

Sneak Peek runs through April 5 -- get there and get exclusives before they are released in general... be on the cutting edge of fashion.  Sneak Peek  hosts  inspired designers that offer distinctive items that will outline the future of Second Life´s Fashion scene.  There are so many sophisticated pieces focused on luxurious and affordable styles to be found here.

Sneak Peek LM

Wearing !Lyrical B!zzare -- Lorraine - Exclusive at Sneak Peek!
Main Store  LM

Skin & Body - October 4 Seasons -  Skin - Jewell Blossom

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