Saturday, November 1, 2014

Anne and Mr. X -- Wicca Merlin's new fantasy release

There were two sisters that came from a small island in the far northern sea... one was as fair as the sun, the other darker than the bleakest night.  They spent their days wandering through glens dancing in iridescent lights and of course looking for a fair prince...
One day a fine prince, looking much like Mr. X came riding to the ladies door... he traveled far... to woo them.... he courted one with cloth of gold, furs and silk.... but he loved the other sister more than anything...and he gave her far more than material things, he gave her his heart.....

I love designers that exhibit variety and don't remake the same old thing time and time again with a new texture and a prim here and there; and this gown showcases Wicca Merlin's talent for diversity.   Wicca Merlin's new gown called Anne that is featured at the fantasy collection is a perfect example of a designer that creates a diverse line of apparel appropriate for a variety of occasions.

Anne is perfect for everything from a Renaissance Ball, a medieval role playing sim or any formal occasion.  Anne is elegant in its simplicity with flowing belled sleeves, a sleek bodice woven with cloth of gold and a flowing gown  perfectly textured in a historically accurate soft green.
As for jewelry, the very talented Lorelei Maggs  has created a pendant brooch, ring and earring set that has a flair of  Renaissance jewelry artistry.  The jewelry set is beautifully composed of rose cut diamonds, rubies, a large hand cut peridot and pearls.
The lustrous drop pearl crowns the pendant brooch. The ring is encrusted with gems and profusely ornamented. In the middle ages, dress jewels were all the rage, so don't miss this set to complete this look.


Wicca Merlin - Anne Dress
Wicca's Renaissance Jewelry by Lorelei Maggs
Exclusive at The Fantasy Collective
Inworld shop:

Skin - Morphine Skins- Lauren - Medium

Hair - D!va- ange

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