Thursday, August 21, 2014

Summer Sunset and Mr. X -- two ghee deals -- one dress is 10L

Yes, its all about silk and sunset summer dreams.  Silk against your skin, soft in the late summer breeze. Maybe it is the sun. I imagine things....and yes, he's watching.

In this gown... Mr. X cannot get his eyes off me... it shimmers in the light  -- like the perfect tropical sunset... I love the way Mr. X holds me as we watch the sun dip gracefully into the lavender horizon....
The Summer Sunset Gown by ghee is on special offer for only 299L at The Fashion Collective till the end of August. After that it will be at the main store for 499L, so it's a great saving! Matching shoes for Slink High Feet are also available.  Nails and the  jewelry called Sunset Jewels....that match the gown, also at TFC is a must have.
On another note, ghee has a new satellite store at Regal Estate, and an exclusive special offer to mark the occasion! The Regal Dress is a form fitting sleeveless sheath dress with a stunning metallic snakeskin texture, and is available now for only 10L --- I will have about 25 of these it is stunning!

The stars are glowing and tonight  -- I just dream........

Wearing - ghee - Summer Sunset: Summer Sunset gown, Summer sunset jewelry, shoes and mani pedi
Available at The Fashion Collective

Regal Dress - ghee --- (10L)
Regal Estate

Skin: Morphine - Jade Tan

Hair - Exile

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  1. Lovely post Sita! Thank you for making our designs look so beautiful! :)