Friday, August 22, 2014

Mr. X in the Mist ---- Violator's Swan..

It is your dharma Mr. X... no apologies here. Late morning in the mystic grove --- the mist finds you deep in the wetlands and you look for her... again.   The Black Swan by Violator.
A classic of swirling tentacles that entice and beguile... you love the way they touch you... lightly... a soft touch ----  skin to skin.... beckoning you to follow....

The intricate patterns and textures of this non mesh haute couture gown is as fresh and amazing as the day it was first made.... it creates a sensation that defies imagination... but this is no surprise... Soraya  is simply brilliant.

Let's not forget the always brilliant Eshi Otawara with the red bindi and black necklace and Morphine Skins by Ydreece Forster  for the best white skin on the grid!
Mr. X is energized by the sun that is slowly emerging from the mist... he tells me I have lit up something inside him that has been dark for too long......... P.S. isn't the back of this dress gorgeous!

Wearing: Violator - Death of the  Black Swan

Earrings - Violator - Scream of the Raptors

Soraya Vayher, one of SL’s most imaginative and skillful creators is designing in RL…   Indulge in something special RL!

Bindi - Eshi Otawara - Shakti - with color changing hud

Hair - Emotions - Envy - Black faded

Skin - Morphine - New  Aunrae Skin

Eye tattoo - Nuuna - Red Glam Rock

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