Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Symphony and a Shimmer Gown and Mr. X

Black and white is classically beautiful and the gorgeous new gown  created by ghee called Vivid Garden Gown is a perfect example of just how sophisticated this color combination can be.

Recently featured at Fiera Spring Fair organized by Saviad, Vivid Garden Gown has several unique fashion embellishments that make it stand out from so many gowns.

Vivid Garden Gown has a skirt of the finest white silk with an iridescent veil that is artfully draped.  This shimmering skirt sparkles up the night and is sure to draw admiration.
The flower hat,  was an exclusive at Fiera Spring Fair.  The hat  is bold and beautiful adding an element of sophisticated glamour to this lovely gown.
The gown's lace bodice is punctuated with draped black silk that is tied with a bow at the side of this dress... making sure all your curves are accentuated.
Accessories are very important, especially when adding jewelry to such an amazing gown.  I have chosen to wear the new release by Zuri Rayna, of Zuri Jewelry Designs called Symphony Crystal V2- in Pink Opal, Onyx and Sterling.  This set comes with matching bracelets for each wrist.
The Cleopatra type necklace with matching earrings and ring add to the elegance of any formal look available on the grid.  It is beautifully textured and artfully created... and a must have for formal attire.  Now I await the arrival of Mr. X... I hope he is ready to dance the night away under a carpet of stars.

Wearing: ghee - Vivid Garden Gown and B&W Shimmer Bloom Hats

Nails: Nailed It! Nailed IT

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