Monday, April 7, 2014

Song of Elegance & Mr. X ...

Zed Sensations has just released a rich garnet colored gown called Song of Elegance   Mr. X loves sleek elegant gowns where every curve beckons with delightful "eye candy".
The  bodice of this gown is beautifully draped and textured with a stunning V neckline.  The highlight of Song of Elegance is the sophisticated golden garland of roses laced with ribbon that embellishes this gown with feminine allure.

Another version of Song of Elegance comes in black and white -- a classic look for a classy gown.

A second new release by Zed Sensations called Defiant Flower is an attractive cocktail dress that drapes elegantly adding a touch of spice to a very sexy dress.
As an added bonus, this dress comes with a very sexy pair of boots that lace all the way up your leg.  They are the perfect accent to this butter creme colored dress.
I wait for Mr. X and think about taking him to a trendy lounge --- a place to people watch.. a place to be seen in... with the most wonderful man in SL...and RL too.

Wearing: Zed Sensations: Song of Elegance
Wearing: Zed Sensations Defiant Flower
Skin: Morphine Sapphire Medium Skin Tone
Lipstick: Morphine - Audrey Lips Shade 05 Dark

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