Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mr. X and Julia + Alice Tashi @ Swank & emo-tions

I told Mr. X that there were many mysteries in the art of Tarot cards... he said  pfffft.... can you believe this?  I find the history and lore of the Tarot cards fascinating as they were part of the magical and philosophical foundations of the Knights Templars  that they attribute to the Saracens or one  of the mystical sects that flourished at that time... it is a mystery... but, then again, so is life!

I found the perfect outfit @ Swank by Tashi for a Tarot Card reading or for... just hanging out. called Alice that consists of a Jacket and a Sweater with a color changing hud of 6 colors for jacket, 12 for sweater and  4 for the zippers!  Check out the gorgeous texture of this mini sweater dress and the fab texture of the leather jacket... that is uber chic...  Alice comes with a color changing hud.

What really sets this outfit off are the thigh high matching boots called Julia... they add the right amount of "sugah" and spice to this cute look.  Thigh hi boots originated way back in the 15th c. and  became popular as a fashion statement for women in the 1962 when Balenciaga's fall collection featured them... and, ladies, we know men around the world are happy this happened !   Julia Boots are made for Belleza, fitted mesh, slink, Maitreya (worn) and TMP bodies  and comes with a color changing hud.

Swank Exclusives
Tashi - Alice and Julia

Hair - Blown Away - Emo-tions


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