Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Escape from Cocytus - Mr. X & Prey @ Events@ 1st

Escape from Cocytus, the 9th Circle of Hell built by Frankx Lefavre is now coming to a close at Lea 18.... Mr. X and I are running through the changing windlights... away from the tortured souls... we will not fall prey to their deceit... speaking of Prey, I am wearing the new outfit by Prey called Purr-fect featured at Events @1st.

I love the detailing in the these flamboyant pants  with their Bling that is sure to catch the eye from the glistening Celtic inspired lace embroidery to the silver criss cross front lacing...all set off by combat boots made for mid and low slink feet... they are so cool with their zippers and buckles. The mask adds allure and mystery...creating the air of an impetuous femme fatale.

Night is our day...moonlight our sunshine...Mr. X and I are waiting, with some trepidation... for the witching hour when we can make our move out of this labyrinth of tunnels and find the light...

This round at Events@1st is anime; so there are many fun things to discover and enjoy.... I told Mr. X it is time to have some fun... and leave all the darkness behind us... locked in a box made of chalcedony, symbolic of benevolence........

Events @ 1st -
Outfit- Prey - Purr-fect

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Jewell - Blossom #5

Tattoo - SYS- Cyber tattoo

Eye Make up - Nuuna -Azen

Hair - Mirror C10- no longer available

Shot at Lea 18 by Frankx Lefavre - Cocytus (now gone) but go check out his build at SLB - The Sarcophagus of Sleep

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