Saturday, June 6, 2015

Mr. X and warm weather drama - New gifts from Violator

I told Mr. X that warm weather makes me sizzle in the summer...and makes me crave drama and neon bright colors like... fuschia..something striking and bold like the new group gift from Violator called PretaPorter Moonlight in Purple.

Moonlight is pure artistry with it's cascades of exotic flowers carefully crafted and dramatically placed... making me feel like a hothouse of desire in full bloom...Mr. X just can't get enough of that vibe!

The jewelry, Down Cross in Platinum comes replete with chest, mouth and belly piercings, choker, earrings, feather like eyelashes and even jeweled eye make up.  This is also a group gift and can be worn with many looks.  I love the shapes and textures of all these very unique pieces.

Make sure to check out Soraya's real life jewelry line at -- it features a variety of jewelry for men and women that is expertly crafted and designed.  It is beyond eye-catching... and exactly what you have come to expect from the creativity of Violator.  The new catalogue is out... check it out!

Wearing: Violator Group Gifts
Gown - PretaPorter Moonlight in Purple
Jewelry and eyemake up - Down Cross in Platinum

Skin - October 4 Seasons - Jewell Marigold

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