Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Eye of the Dawn & MVW - Styles by Danielle & Events@1st& MissSL

Indonesia...  Bali, the word means "eye of the dawn" -- how romantic is that -- it is like a new beginning -- always... it reminds me of each day I see Mr. X... always new and so very dear.  Dewi Sri, is the goddess of life and love and rice in Indonesia -- she reigns in Hindu Bali... it is where Mr. X and I shall meet and dance on water to the sound of the gamelan.  Dewi Sri has dominion over the underworld and the moon and she is revered.

Danni Plassitz CEO of Styles by Danielle has created a gorgeous silk masterpiece, appropriately called Dewi Sri that is based on a Balinese traditional dress for Miss SL 2015 Indonesia - Mio Linette. It has layers of silk that is artfully draped and perfectly textured. As with nearly everything in Bali, dress has a divine origin and this gown is divine indeed; and -  fit for a queen or princess.
A traditional  Legong dancer has her torso wrapped in a sabuk (sash) that can be up to 15 metres in length and the lower body is wrapped in a 2 meter cloth that is extremely tight creating a beautiful silhouette. The  decorations are always made with heavy gold thread and gold printed patterns. Danni has created a gorgeous flowing skirt that exemplifies this.

As for the headpiece it an exclusive from Events@1st by Astralia called Geisha.  It comes with an ornate headpiece, bracelet and ring.  It also comes with a handy resizer making it easy to wear.

So Mr. X... shall we dance on moonlight to gamelan?

Styles By Danielle - MVW Indonesia - Dewi Sri
This dress will also be available at Miss SL Boutique that will open soon as a charity for the Join Hands for Nepal; Fashion for Food Charity

Skin: October 4Season Skins - Keiko Blossom and Flossy Eye shadow

Event@ 1st Exclusive - Jewelry and Headpiece - Astralia - Geisha

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