Friday, May 15, 2015

Jitterbugging Encouraged -- Sonatta Morales -- New release

It is 1948 and the war is well over... A time for hope, again.  There is always hope, whatever your decade! For me, hope came in the form of this cheerful honey yellow colored dress with a fabulous tulle pattern called Tulla by Sonatta Morales.

Hands down,Sonatta Morales is the best vintage designer in SL and she proves this again and again with her classic and evocative period  dresses and gowns that range from the 1920s- 1950s.

Courage to stand -- again.  Passion to stand apart... and be noticed... again and oh la la in Sonatta Morales new  dress called  Tulla you will be noticed.  It has a faint rainbow glimmer in the swirling black pattern.  The dress is a classic fit with perfect pleating and a flair skirt over a pencil skirt in honey and black... sweet as sugar pie.... Mr. X loves his sugah pie :P  -- how can he resist?  This  dress is beyond a classic.... it simply is.

Think now or 1945 --- alive again -- "make do and notice" Should I arrive in this fabulous  yellow and black  skirt and top made with a swingy cotton fabric that gives me ample room for all my feminine attributes.... I think so  -- and all eyes will be on me... because  it has a timeless  style quality that pulls at our heartstrings.... and recalls days that are idyllic.

I see myself by a punch bowl surrounded by a flock of  men.... beyond polite --- but knowing that they all want to dance the Lindy Hop........ or the Jitterbug with me.....

Wearing *NEW* Sonatta Morales - Tulla

Skin *October 4 Seasons - Jewel Blossom
Eyemakeup *NEW* - October 4 Season Skins - Delight Eyeshadow Collection - Chai Tea

Shoes - *NEW* -ghee -  Chiffon Fringe

Hair - D!va - Astralia

Peals - Mandala - Black Maple

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