Sunday, May 31, 2015

Eva and FLRN - Is it Saturday Night? Mr. X?

Actually it is Sunday and I am missing Mr. X.... shhhh and all you  girls that have your sights on him... well hands off!   That said  but as you know always understood,  I found the greatest dress for a theme Disco Event at Eva that won't break the bank by FLRN! 

FLRN's Disco Dress comes with a hud that features three  fab colors -- silver mirrors,  gold and pink... you are also able to change the color of the  belt to match or mix and match your Saturday Night Fever....!

I paired this with  October 4 Season Skins -- Jewell Mocha and her new fab eyeshadow -- perfect in the Flossy Fat Pack called  Equality.

WearingEva Exclusive -
 FLRN - Disco Dress

October 4 Seasons
Skin - Jewell Mocha
Eyeshadow - *New* Flossy

Emo-tions - Angie

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