Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Queen of Dhukla and Mr. X at Fashion for Change

Fashion for Change runs through April 25.   In a nutshell,  Fashion For Change (FFC) is a thoughtfully curated event by Eleseren Brianna CEO of Romance Couture.  This  is a two week shopping, entertainment and high fashion event designed to raise funds for the charity Womankind Worldwide.  This organization is  an admirable and important RL group based in the UK whose mission is to  help women in the developing world. Get there.

The theme of the event is "ethnic goes haute" and with that in mind, I am wearing the gorgeous new exclusive made for this event by AlaFolie called Dhukla. I love the shimmering leather top with its sexy golden leather laces and the wide  flowing gold on gold skirt  that is perfectly textured.  This is a complete outfit that comes with hair, a head piece and lots and lots of gorgeous jewelry.

I have paired this outfit with the new skin by October 4 Seasons called Mocha Jewel -- it is just perfect for this  look -- and comes with 5 make up options, brows or no brows, thin or thick, appliers and lip options as well. The best   is that this skin is rich in color and accentuates this look and will make you shine... as a Queen of Dhukla.

 Dhukla comes with a lot of  African inspired jewelry.   An  example of shell bead jewelry,75,000 years old is some of the oldest jewelry known and discovered in a cave in South Africa. Tribal African jewelry is made from natural materials such as ivory, wood, amber, shells, bone, metal, hair and stone.  The bracelets, necklaces, waist chains, beading and head adornments of this dress is a perfect example of tribal chic jewelry.

Tribal jewelry tells a story, depending on the culture and the times -- jewelry has been used for everything from defining social status to ritual dances to a form of  money.  What story shall I tell Mr. X when I wear this dress?  I know, I will tell him to support Womankind and donate to this fantastic and meaningful event. 

Wearing:  AlaFolie called Dhukla-- a Fashion for Change Exclusive
Direct TP

Show and Entertainment Schedule

Saturday 18th April

COC Challenge 10am

Performer 12noon Maximillion Kleene 2014 Avi Choice Winner

Show (MVWMA) 2pm -
Sunday 19th April

Misses Show 10am

Performer 12noon Keeba Tammas
DJ 1pm tbc
Wed 22nd April

DJ: Mex (SL Radio) 1-3pm SLT
Saturday 25th April
11am Auction finale - neck cadaver presiding

2pm Final DJ Party - Walter Balazic
(with fireworks)

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